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Weld Trailing Shields® support area to provide assistance to achieve ultra clean welds.

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Features & Benefits

Bright, Clean, Oxide Free Welds

These Weld Trailing Shields® provide high quality gas coverage when welding the following materials:

  • Titanium, zirconium and cobalt alloys
  • Duplex steels
  • Stainless steels
  • Other reactive metals while welding

While welding, Weld Trailing Shields® will:

  • Reduce gas consumption
  • Save re-work
  • Allows for faster welding
  • Eliminate wasted material costs and rejected welds due to oxidation
  • Gasket is resistant to temperatures up to 230ºC

Each profiled Weld Trailing Shields® is manufactured to suit a specific diameter of pipe, tube, vessel or tank.

They can be configured for either external or internal welding. Eliminating the need for a purge enclosure.

The flat Weld Trailing Shields® for plate, sheet and rectangular tanks and fabrications are available in:

  • Small lightweight versions for manual welding torches
  • Larger, slightly heavier versions, for attaching to automatic/mechanised welding torches

Unique design features:

  • Unique Clip Design : Shield body can be changed over to a different size without the need to remove the clip from welding torch
  • All shields fit all sizes of TIG/GTAW and MIG/GMAW torches
  • Argon hose entry can be configured from the right or left hand side or top of the Weld Trailing Shields®

Bright Oxide Free Welds

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Weld Trailing Shields® since 1975

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The standard product used today by welders all over the World.
Weld Trailing Shields provide better gas coverage in the heat affected zone (HAZ).
Helps to prevent oxidation, weld defects, re-work and allows faster welding.
Save time, save gas, save money….!